O Salon Coiffure Montréal - Équipe - Mathilde

Training and experience

After a post-pandemic existential crisis, Mathilde decided to leave the restaurant business where she had worked for many years.

It was at this point that she decided to swap plates for bangs.
On a whim, she enrolled at the École des Métiers des Faubourgs de Montréal in hairdressing (just because it was near her home). This enabled her to perfect the techniques she’d learned from YouTube tutorials.

Mathilde has been chief hairdresser to her gang of friends since the age of 15. She’s seen it all and goes to the rescue of too-short bangs, bleach beards, mullets too long in front, too short in back… you name it, she’s seen it all.

After an internship in November 2023, Mathilde was hired by O Salon as a junior hairdresser.


Not too short bangs, well-trimmed beards (of the right color), short mullets in front, long in back.

Zodiac sign: Aquarius (ascendant Libra, moon in Pisces)
Coffee or tea: Coffee
Favorite music: see his playlist 😉
Disney or Warner: Pixar
Favorite color: Rainbow
Elvis or Beatles: Give me a break
First thing you think of when you wake up: 2 more minutes
Favorite sport: Driving
Favourite place: By a lake with a fishing rod and silence
Favourite quote: “It wears me out”.