O Salon Coiffure Montréal - Équipe - Lizelle

Experience and Scholarship

Lizelle holds a degree in aesthetics and make-up, and specializes in special effects.


For nearly 10 years, she has been racking up contracts and developing her art of make-up for parties, weddings, corporate events, Halloween and theater, to name but a few.


In addition to all these passions, Lizelle loves cooking, in all its forms.

Zodiac sign: Balance
Coffee or tea: Coffee addict!
Favorite music: Pink Floyd, Daniel Belanger and the Compagnie créole
Disney or Warner: Disney, especially Beauty and the Beast
Favorite color: Purple
Elvis or Beatles: Beatles
The first thing you think of when you wake up: Coffee!
Favorite sport: Petanque
Favorite place: In a spa
Favorite quote: “Si on s’était arrêtés à l’apparence des huitres, on aurait jamais découvert les perles.” Boucar Diouf