O Salon Coiffure Montréal - Équipe - Gordon

Experience and Scholarship

After a few years at Cégep in Social Sciences, Gordon took a break to train as a hairdresser.

He then had the chance to work in some very reputable salons and gained a lot of practical experience. Over the years, he co-owned a salon for 14 years. Following the sale of this salon, he joined the O Salon team!


Passionate about fashion in general, he likes to fuse current trends with his styling techniques. Crazy about curls, classic, organic or extravagant looks, he’ll surprise you with his talents!

Zodiac sign: Taurus
Coffee or tea: Coffee
Favorite music: Just about every style except metal
Disney or Warner: Disney
Favorite color: All shades of black!
Elvis or Beatles: Beatles
First thing you think of when you wake up: Coffee
Favourite sport: Marathon of series, documentaries and films
Favorite place: Child’s heart: Disneyworld / Adult’s heart: Barcelona
Favorite quote: Life is what happens to you when you’re planning something else!