O Salon Coiffure Montréal - Équipe - Élodie

Experience and Scholarship

Besides her haircutting experience on her Barbies, Élodie started her hairdressing career at l’Académie St-Laurent, while working at the first “Blowdry-Bar” in Montreal. She then worked at St-Laurent Coiffure for 5 years. Élodie, an O Salon client since its opening, has been recruited naturally by the team in 2014.


Coloring and highlights, Men’s haircuts, straightening the toughest hair, listening to others and most of all, adding her creative touch and good humor.


She’s passionate about hair, and what matters most to her is to never lose the creative side of the business, whatever life may bring her. Apart from her fanaticism of hair, Élodie likes drawing, traveling, training and most important: Netflix!

Zodiac sign: Aries
Coffee or tea: Coffee
Favorite music: One that lifts your soul
Disney or Warner: Pfff…Marvel!
Favorite color: Pink
Elvis or Beatles: Elvis
The first thing you think of when you wake up: I’m hungry
Favorite sport: The “Chest-bras”
Favorite place: In a tent, on a mountain
Favorite quote: I’m hungry