Gladys Aguilar

Zodiac sign: Virgo
Favorite number: 2
Favorite type of music: Dubstep, Indi Rock
Favorite color: Green
Pets at home: A dog
What is under your bed: Dust
Your nickname: Doue, Gladoue
Spoken languages: Spanish, French and basic English
Favorite quote: Oh my God! Maria Maria!
Favorite location: The beach

Gladys was born in Lima, Peru. Living in Quebec since 1992, she speaks French, English and, of course, Spanish. After her studies at St-Exupéry hairdressing school in 2011, she chose O Salon to do her internship in the workplace. Since then, she contributes to the fame of the salon, to the delight of her clients. Interaction with her colleagues and customer satisfaction are her main sources of motivation. Above all, Gladys prefers cuts, sets and evening hairstyles which allow her to use her artistic eye and her great attention to detail. Her patience and perseverance make Gladys a hairdresser who spares no challenge, as complex as it may be.

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