Andréanne Coutu

Zodiac sign: Taurus
Favorite number: My boyfriend’s
Favorite Music: Punk Rock
Warner or Disney: Pixar
Favorite food: Korean
Favorite color: Black, not beige
The first thing you think of when you wake up: Coffee
Favorite sport: Cycling
Favorite location: Vineyard

Andréanne grew up in Drummondville and then studied at l’Académie St-Laurent, in 2001. Subsequently, she worked in several salons such as Evidence coiffure and Saco, where she worked for a few years before participating in the creation of O Salon, in 2007. One of her many sources of inspiration is the sound of the scissors that cut a delicate line along the jaw of her customers. She has developed an impressive talent for contemporary cuts and shows spectacular creativity that is the envy of many. Always ready to meet new challenges, she is not afraid to explore new media to express her artistic side. She recently discovered cabinetmaking, which provides her with another way of doing it. Our dear Andie qualifies herself as "special," which none of her colleagues can deny.

O Salon Coiffure